Quail Creek weather

- Each team is responsible to have 4 players each week (2 on Mon.)

- Each team is responsible for knowing their tee time

- Contact the clubhouse at least 2 days in advance if you know you will need a sub.  We can help! 

- 4 players can play each week.  Teams should have 6 to 7 players on their roster to avoid no shows. 

- Contact the clubhouse regarding any other league issues ASAP.  Don't wait till the last minute! 

- four man teams needed for 2025 on Wednesday (tee times

  starting at 3:40pm) OR Thursday (tee times starting at 3pm).

- New four man teams will get a $200 gift certificate at the end of the    year for having a full team each week.

- $50 discount on a season pass for new league players.

League Etiquette 

 Contact us to sign up a team for 2025 


Quail Creek Golf Course


New teams are responsible fielding a full roster of players each week. We advise having 6 to 7 players on your roster for 4 man teams. Teams that are short of 4 players in any week are not eligible for $200 gift card full attendance prize. 

 Quail Creek Golf Leagues

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