4-Person Best Shot

Sunday, July 25th

- Tee time start

- 18 holes, 4 Person Best Shot

- Multiple flights​ and Cash Payouts

Autumn Big Cup 


- 8 inch cups

- 4-person best shot format

- AM/PM tee time start.

- multiple flights

4-Person Best Shot Tournament

Sunday, May 2nd 

- Shotgun or Tee time start

- 18 holes 

- Multiple flights​ and Cash Payouts

​2-Person Best Shot Tournament

Sunday, May 23rd

- Shotgun or Tee time start

- 18 holes 

- Multiple flights​ and Cash Payouts

Quail Creek Club Championship

Sunday, September 19th

- Individual Stroke Play event

- Multiple flights for all skill levels

​- 27 hole tournament 

*All tournament start times and prices to be announced.

*Tournaments will  shotgun or tee times  start depending on pre signup/participation

*Space is limited for all tournaments.  Contact the clubhouse for signup and/or more details.

Quail Creek Golf Course

Outings and Events 

  • Indoor/outdoor banquet areas 
  • Buffet style food service available 
  • On course beer cart
  • Administrative assistance and scoring​​  

Services Overview

We offer unbeatable deals for golf outings and tournaments of any kind.  Call our clubhouse  to talk more about the available options and let us customize the best event for you or your business.  From charity golf outings to competitive tournaments, we have you covered.  Our Championship 9-hole course can comfortably accommodate groups up to 80 golfers! 

2nd Annual "Masters" Par 3 Tourney

Wednesday, April 7th

- 9 hole Individual Tournament

- Every Hole is a Par 3

- Afternoon tee times

- Multiple flights and Cash Payouts

Contact the clubhouse to inquire about any of our upcoming tournaments or stop in and get your teams signed up today! 

2021 Outings and Events

2-Person Ryder Cup Tournament


- Shotgun or Tee time start

- 27 holes, 9 Best shot, 9 better ball, 9 alternate shot

- Multiple flights​ and Payouts

Georgia Memorial Tournament

Saturday, June 12th

- 4 person best shot format, 18 holes

- Tee time start in the AM

- Multiple flights and Prizes

Fall 4-Person Best Shot Tournament


- 4 Person Best Shot

- 18 Holes

-  Multiple flights and cash prizes

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Quail Creek Golf Course! 

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4-Person Double Cup Tournament

Sunday, August 22nd

- Tee time start

- 18 holes, 4 Person Best Shot

- Multiple flights​ and Cash Payouts

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Quail Creek weather

2- Person Best Shot Tournament

Sunday, June 27th

- 18 hole Tournament

- AM Tee times start

- Multiple flights and Cash Payouts

Inaugural "Masters" Partner Tourney

Sunday, April 11th.

- 18 hole 2-Person Best Shot Tournament.

- Randomly "partnered" with a player from The Masters

- 8AM start time, tee times

- Multiple flights and Cash Payouts